The hand of the makers Artelanas Merino

Every of our article of clothing has been designed and prepare for a group of womans that inspired by his passion for the textile crafty, decided to join her gifts and interchange their knowledge to process the fleeces of Merino Woods produced in Tierra del Fuego, make it reality the desire dreams of see how through their creations, a bit of the Magellan souls go  over the world.

Patricia Bernarda Haro Villegas

She spends her childhood in the Cooperative Bernardo O’Higgins Stanza with her parents and brothers, she grow up looking his mother knitting, but who really teach this vocation was his father, who obtainment that she was charmed by the world of the woods. Today Patricia It’s specialist in crochet knitting, through his access  to the cooperative of knitting and spinning she capacitate in spinning and start to development knitting and loom  techniques, with the time she learn diverse techniques and increased in quality, with this  increase of knowledge she has turn a big contribution to the work in  prototype and designs. Another big contribution is his great sense of humor that make the journey of work better and happy.

Vilma Janete Vidal Garay

Daughter of parents that comes from the big Island of Chiloé , mother of 4 childs and today grandmother of 9 kids,  whom now follow the path of his grandmother. Vilma it’s certificate in the career of Tourism Service. She learn this vocation since very little, she knit, Mapuche spinning and frame, thanks to the path of his mother, who knitting his clothes that she use daily. In 2008 she decides his products able to be marketed, later in the co operative studio she learn to spin, other knit techniques like loom with comb.

María Carolina Fernández Olivo

All the entire childhood she pass in the sixth region in Peralillo, with her parents and his brother, in that time at the age of 6 years old she learn to knit and then start the path dedicated to the textile artisan. In the 1993 she arrives to Punta Arenas City, where his dream of been close to the farm world make it real, when the saw the low production of spinning that exist, she  starts a journey of consciousness and knowledge, where the priority of Carolina was to learn to spin and then paint techniques with ancestrals tinted methods like Aymara and Mapuche using the plants and the herbs.

In the 2017 she impulse with the artisan group the cooperative of knitting and spinning work in Magellan, motivated for his belief respect of the development opportunity that this noble natural fibres is for the Magellan artisan.

Nidia Luisa Vera Vera

Daughter that born and was raised in the Big Island of Chiloé, sister of other 9 kids. with 2 childs she leave behind the island at the age of 28 years old and with his impeccable customs she  migrate to Punta Arenas City in the search of new opportunity. Taking the art that has been with her since she have knowledge. His big passion of knitting and spinning.

His childhood was emphasize for his big virtue that is to spin in spindle that it’s one of the most hardly ancestral techniques, thanks to his mother and the home necessities surge that this work becomes today in his vocation, to her and all the womens in his family since she was very little, this is how pass the time and she become member of the cooperative of knitting and spinning group of Magellan where she outstanding by been an excellent teacher of spinning and with his partners surge the interchange of knowledge, knitting techniques that today are part of his exposed works in Artelanas Merino. Nidia it’s a notable generosity at the moment of share his knowledge with the people that starts in the world of the spinning art.

Cecilia Margarita Muñoz Godoy

Born in Punta Arenas city, wife and mother of 2 son. Cecilia tell with so much emotion that since she was a little girl she saw to his mother and grandmother knit a lot of techniques, with just 6 years old she knit his first clothes and a little pair of shoes, it was there when start his love for knitting.

The constancy and dedication took her to start his role like artisan in the 2009. Making trestle loom works and the recognize work of pug felt in an autodidact way, a very recognize work and value though the time that it takes. When she becomes part of the cooperative and with the time and the love that it takes every work, she continually pass this journey learning to spinning in the electric wheel  and improve his skills in the technique  that she use most.

Paola Sáez Delgado

At his short 8 years old his mother teach her to make his first crochet stitch, that detone his beginning in this beautiful art that it was improve in his teenage times, phase when she incorporate more knowledge, she makes primarily decorative piece for his house.

Then when she start his work phase, she keep going with the handicraft like parallel activity. Pass by 20 years decides to renounce to his formal job to dedicate to the artisan textile work completely. through the years the exciting of know the different phase of production woods take it to discover his passion for the spinning ,improvement in this beautiful art and other techniques of knitting.

Carmen Rosa Ruiz

Born in Río Grande in Tierra del Fuego, with his mother goes to Punta Arenas city with just 3 years old, his nationality becomes Chilean. Across his life she persist in concur to different workshops in the  group of his town, where she learn the artisan textil vocation, knitting was one of his favorites things to do in the workshops. In the 2004 Carmen decides to start a personal path in his way very autodidact, given to himself the opportunity of market his artisan works, his most strong piece are the plush face technique, what make it salient for his interest of originary history of the Magellan region. Making leaky decorative felt with his distinctive body painting and  Selknam figures.

When comes to the cooperative she learn to spindle spin, later electric wheel  and María Loom. Through unite work she improve his techniques like knit and trestle that it make his work easier.

Patricia Jarpa Orellana

Born in Los Ángeles city, Bío-bío Region, with his parents spend the most part of his  childhood and adolescence in the Angol city. Since she was a little girl she saw his mother knitting and making his clothes. When she was 17 years old she goes to study veterinary in the Valdivia City, in parallel of his career she knit and have the interesting of know more about the wood. In 2010 she move to Punta Arenas city where she work in the stockbreeder-Ovine world, this pleace give it to her the opportunity to expand his knowledge in the production of the wool, she improve his self in the selection and classification of wood.

In parallel of his work she enter to the cooperative of knitting and spinning and teaching his techniques knowledge in the quality of this natural fiber, she have the opportunity to learn spin in spindle and electric wheel, to spin Maria Loom and improve his knowledge in knitting and crochet.