Our Wool

Traveling across producer countries, that constitute the generic subtract that today we know like Merino Contemporaneous Line, Sir Ivo Robertson former of the each time more fine vision of a individual  characteristically sensitive animal of the Patagonia.

With the limited objective of the producer and firmly believing in his criteria of selection, Sir Ivo asume the challenge of select a bio-type of animal that respond to the exigencies of the market. Making the Patagonian Robertson Merino race.

This was able selected a rural sheep that produce fuzzy wool and abundant weight, with a maximum growing y detach in his form ( from 14 and 22 micron), understanding the presupposition imposed for the hard climatic condition and the quality of the predetermined pasture. Been more than a elite or hovel animal, select a sheep that it’s comun in relation of his type, famous for been a formidable animal in his contexture and noble in his requirement.

Tres Hermanos residence is in the land of Tierra del Fuego, at 118 kilometers of the south of Porvenir. Their principal construction are in the south east of Bahía Inútil. With a accidental geography, wrought in his glacier origin, it have an unnumbered of valley with rivers and peat bogs.

The team work are agriculturist with more than 30 years of work in the area in the Patagonia, they rescue the traditional way to of life and for generations they has been part of the territory and the animals of this land.