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"Every of our article of clothing has been designed and prepare for a group of womans that inspired by his passion for the textile crafty, decided to join her gifts and interchange their knowledge to process the fleeces of Merino Woods produced in Tierra del Fuego, make it reality the desire dreams of see how through their creations, a bit of the Magellan souls go over the world."

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Origin Collection

The evolution involve to never forget our origin.The Origin collection born of the need of keep in alive the culture of the original people that lived in de Magellan region: Selknam, Aonikenk, Kaweskar and Yagán, people that teaching us a healthy way of interacting with the nature, of respect our environment , people that still lives in the majesty of our snowdrift, in the impetuosity of the wind that cover the Magellan Steppe and the magical chromatic palette that the sky that delight us every sunrise.

Every clothes of our collection it's a invitation to remember the designs of the Selknam people that paints his bodys to the ceremony Haim, to remember the way that the first persons of this region keep warm his body's using Guanaco leathers and natural fibers, to remember that withal the time these people still keeps alive in our memory.

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Explorer Antarctic Collection

Inspire designs in the locker room using by Ernest Shackleton and his tripulation during the expedition of the Antarctic aboard the Endurance in 1914 finished in the 1917 when with the collaboration of the Chilean Army represent by the Piloto Pardo arrived to Punta Arenas city to remain in the white continent.

Recover the designs that they use in this hard expedition take us to imagine who this clothes comply this fundamental role of instinct survival, take us to think about the hands that knit with the desire of warm the family member that goes to the aventure and today these collection join to each one that use it with a explorer spirit to different parts of the world.

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